2-Strain Cannador With Drawer



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December 31, 2015

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  • Dimension 7.0 x 6.0 x 9.0 in.
  • Weight 6 lbs
  • Material Walnut or cherry


The 2-Strain Cannador® can hold a larger quantity of two of your favorite strains. Each removable glass cup holds 1/2 oz for a total of one ounce. This is an excellent option for someone who enjoys fewer strains. The deep drawer allows you to fit accoutrements like a grinder or vaporizer. This Cannador® has a lock so you can keep your contents safe and secure. It is lined with mahogany on the interior and you have a choice of either cherry or walnut on the exterior. Includes:2 large 1/2 oz (or up to 3/4 oz ground) glass cups with adjustable ventilated lids 2 rewritable strain labels2 keys1 Small VaporBeads or no bead system with airtight lids and individual 4g Boveda® packs (sold separately) Each removable glass cup has an adjustable ventilated lid that slides open to allow for moist air from the humidity system to keep the bud fresh. The lids can be adjusted to be airtight or opened to allow for air to pass through. A wooden plate keeps the glass cups in place.



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